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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery


Year Four - Spring Term


The Spring term promises to be  an excellent one as we delve into our history topic: Saxons and Vikings!

Our Key question this term is How should you get the things that you desire? and within this we shall be examining key themes of morality and invasion of other countries.


We shall be reading some awesome books this term, including:


Our topic will present us with some great opportunities for creative writing this term, as we enter the enchanted world of Narnia and explore some of the Viking beliefs and mythology. We shall also have a go at writing a Viking saga poem, complete with kennings, similes, metaphors and personification. 


Year Four - Summer Term

The Summer term promises to be a busy but rewarding one in which we shall explore our creative arts topic!

Our key question this term is How can we celebrate our individuality?  and within this we shall be examing key themes of identity and racism


This term we shall be reading these excellent books:





Year Four - Autumn Term

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the Year Four page.

The Autumn term promises to be packed full of exciting and challenging content that will hopefully inspire your children and allow them to demonstrate their wonderful skills!

Our Key question this term is How can we protect our homes? within this, we shall be examining key themes of pollution, being eco-friendly and equality.


We shall be reading a number of excellent texts this term, including: 


These rich texts will provide us with lots of opportunities to write innovations, practise building the quality of our narratives and expand our vocabulary. We shall also write non-chronological pieces, including a tourist guide for Castleton and a description of an echo-friendly house (which the children shall design.)


This term, we begin with substantial unit on place value, including ordering, partioning and rounding numbers up to 10,000, Roman numerals and using number lines. Secondly, we have a unit on addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers using formal written methods. Next, we have a short measurement unit on finding the area of shapes, before we end the term  by focusing on multiplication and division.


We shall begin this term by improving our place knowledge by focusing on countries and major landmarks in the UK, Europe and North/South America. We shall compare Derbyshire with London and the Alps with the amazing Galapagos islands.

We shall also take a look closer to home and focus on pollution in the local area and how Dronfield has changed over the years. This will give us opportunity to complete some field work and get the children out of the classroom. Finally we shall look at Castleton, sketching and scrutinising tourist maps  and establishing why it has developed as a key tourist destination in the region.

Design Technology

In DT, we shall complete market research and create a design for a head torch using a design specification. Children will choose appropriate materials before creating a prototype, using a working electrical circuit. We shall also design an eco-friendly house using CAD (computer aided design) to make a net.


This term's topic is Electricity. We shall discover what electricity is and where it comes from and how we can be safe around it. We shall make simple circuits using different components, before investigating what makes a good conductor and what will make our head torch light travel further.