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Welcome to Year 4 

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Autumn 1 - Vicious Vikings

During Autumn 1 our topic is the Vikings. In English, we will be focusing on the text “Beowulf” by Michael Morpurgo. We will complete multiple pieces of writing across the half term, including our own narratives based on a hero and villain, and newspaper articles covering a Viking invasion. During our Topic lessons we will be looking at who the Vikings were and where they came from, what life was like for Viking children, how their homes compare to ours today and what beliefs the Vikings held. We have already created some wonderful Viking artwork which is on display outside our classroom – please pop in and have a look! We have drawn and painted dragon eyes as the Vikings used to have carvings of dragons on the front of their longships to protect themselves against the evil spirits of the sea.

Autumn 2 - Antarctica

Our topic for Autumn 2 is Antarctica. We will be focusing on Robert Falcon Scott and his fatal expedition to the South Pole. In English, we shall be writing newspaper reports which will break the news that Scott was beaten to the South Pole by Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen. In topic lessons, we will be following a Geography based series of lessons, discussing aspects such as Northern and Southern hemisphere, latitude and longitude. We will also have the chance to send our own questions out to a researcher who is currently living in Antarctica! This will be a fantastic opportunity and a great way to learn all about Antarctica. Science will focus on Animals and their Habitats. We will be creating classification keys and partaking in lots of class discussions. This half term, we will also be participating in lots of Christmas activities - especially lots of Christmas performance rehearsals! It will be a really busy and exciting time in Year 4!

Spring 1 - Ancient Greeks

Travel back in time with us, during Spring 1, to Ancient Greece. The children will be writing mythical creature descriptions, their own creation myths and a set of instructions during English lessons. We will have an Ancient Greek day where the children will take on the role of Ancient Greek Potters. They shall be designing and making their own Greek vase using papier-mache and taste testing some Greek food. In topic lessons, we shall be focusing on a variety of things ranging from the Ancient Greek political system, the Olympics, Greek Gods and the Trojan War. Electricity is our Science focus and hopefully the children will be conducting their own investigations. As already shared in a recent newsletter, Miss Cooper will be joining the Year 4 team during Spring 1 and 2, working alongside Miss Smith. Please keep an eye on our Class Blog for the latest activities and learning taking place in Year 4.

Curriculum Matters - Spring 1

Spring 2 - Rivers

 During Spring 2, our topic will be Rivers. Throughout our topic lessons, we shall be following the journey that a river takes from it's source to the sea. We will be learning about the different parts of a river and how these fit together. We shall also be looking at famous rivers and their importance to the people who live near them. In English, we will start off by creating our own river poetry that will be written in the style of "The River" by Valerie Bloom. We shall also be using a book, "Flotsam" by David Wiesner, towards the end of term. In Science we shall be looking at "States of Matter" and how this links with the water cycle. Our PSHE day will be towards the end of this half term and it will be based on concentration in the classroom. 

 Curriculum Matters - Spring 2

Summer 1 - Derbyshire Matters 

Although short, this half term is going to be jam packed with lots of fun and learning! Our topic for this term is one of local history and we shall be focusing on Derbyshire, specifically the town of Dronfield. Our English learning will also be based upon Derbyshire but linked to our school trip. We will be producing a detailed and descriptive write along with a persuasive holiday brochure. "Sound" is our next Science topic and will stretch over Summer 1 and 2. We are focusing a lot on Growth Mindset in class so please ask your children to tell you all about the wonderful learning they are doing based around this. The children really enjoyed their French and Art lessons last half term. For Summer 1 we shall be focusing on pencil sketches of the local area in Art and commands, colours and numbers in French.

Curriculum Matters - Summer 1

Summer 2 - Chocolate Project

This year has absolutely flown by! Our final topic is "Chocolate Project" and it is the best yet! This half term, the children will be learning all about the chocolate making process, the history of chocolate and where it comes from. They will also learn about how important Fair Trade farming is and how it can impact people around the world. They will also take part in the Young Apprentice Chocolate Project, where they will design, make and advertise their own chocolate bar! Information about this has been sent out, but feel free to pop in if you have any questions. 

Curriculum Matters - Summer 2

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General Information

Homework will be handed out every Monday, to be completed and returned the following Monday.

Maths homework will be sent weekly, with English every two weeks. I shall be running a “Homework Help” session on Friday lunch times, for children who have had a go at their homework but would like some extra discussion with me before the hand-in date. Spellings will be handed out every Friday and tested the following Friday. The effort that is put into learning at home is much appreciated – so thank you!

Please keep an eye on our class page for further updates and information about exciting things happening in Year 4, throughout the year.

Miss Smith